Opening remarks, and welcome to

Jacob Hull

Welcome to my new website!

Phew, now that’s out of the way I can explain to you exactly what this is all about. Put simply, this is a blog dedicated to video games. It’s something I’ve put together for myself because I love video games, and I love writing, and I love writing about video games. Needless to say, I write this for myself more than anything else, but should you find any comfort or enjoyment in reading the musings of someone such as myself, then great, once again, welcome!

Kidding aside, this is my own personal project where I can talk and write freely about games and hopefully build up a portfolio of written work both for myself and to further my aspirations as a writer/editor. I do, of course, hope that you read and like what I write, and there will be a comments section for precisely this reason because I do care what you have to say, and I appreciate the feedback, both positive and negative.

Now I’m only one person (look, that’s me adventuring in the picture up there), and there are a lot of games out there, so I can’t write about them all. But the ones I do play will probably be written about in one way or another, but don’t expect reviews of every new release because, frankly, that isn’t going to happen. I may post reviews around launch, or I may post reviews months later – there’s no real timeframe on this since I am, just like you, a gamer at heart struggling in a world where so many wonderful games are released with so little time to play them all. This blog is something I do in my spare time; I’m not making any money from it, so time is a precious commodity.

Since I write for a number of different outlets, and I will be collecting some of the work here on my blog, the writing style may change between posts. But more often than not, I will write my reviews in the first-person perspective to ensure that my subjectivity comes across in the writing. I think this is important to remember since, after all, it is all we have. There is only so much objectivity one can keep when reviewing a game, and essentially my views and feelings on a game may differ considerably compared to another reviewer, or even yourself.

I also won’t be posting scores for my reviews; instead, I hope my words will be enough to get my feelings across. That said, links will be provided for articles that have been published elsewhere which may, indeed, include scores. So if this is something you particularly care about, you can head right on over to them by clicking on the article links to check them out.

On top of reviews, I will also post previews, opinion pieces, and feature articles which I also hope you enjoy. Whilst these may initially seem quite similar to some of my reviews in terms of writing style, I will be taking a slightly different approach to them depending on the topic covered. In my feature articles, I will aim to focus more subjectively on particular aspects of, or feelings towards, a game or they might simply be commentary pieces on something that has happened (or is happening) within the world of gaming.

Since I’ve been writing reviews for a number of years before this blog’s launch, I have decided to re-edit some of the best articles and post them on the site too. They will be backlogged and dated according to when they were originally written, and I hope you get some enjoyment from reading them as well.

However you see it, I hope you like it. Once again, welcome to and please feel free to leave me some comments along the way. Au revoir!



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