Obliteracers Joins Team PlayStation This Summer

Annihilate your friends come July.

Obliteracers certainly looks like a-bit-of-fun, and the award-winning formerly PC-only racer is set to leave the pit-lane and race onto the PlayStation 4 on 15th July.

Harking back to the kind of chaotic titles of the 2000s, Obliteracers is an arcade party racer in which up to 16 competitors race, shoot, undermine, and destroy their way to the finish line. With less emphasis on speed and more on destroying your enemies before they get you, Obliteracers sounds like the perfect way to spend an evening with friends. Let’s just hope that you don’t butcher your friendships in the process.

Michael Davies, CEO of developer Varkian Empire, said: “We were thrilled to see how well the game was received on PC, and now we’re bringing the experience into the lounge room where it really shines. We’re looking forward to some seriously chaotic party racing nights.”

As well as single player racing, you can also compete with friends locally or online, with dozens of game modifiers, and an awful lot of carnage.


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