2016: Year of the gun?

Titanfall 2 preview

2016 is looking like a great year for shooters. But with big-hitters such as Call of Duty and Battlefield taking the limelight, as usual, some of the smaller or newer titles are easily passed by.

I recently got the chance to write some preview articles for Official PlayStation Magazine, and what follows is a series of brief overview pieces published in issue 124 of some of the smaller shooters coming in 2016. Maybe one or two will unexpectedly catch your eye, or maybe you’ve heard of them all before – either way, I hope you enjoy.

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 Preview

Continuing its parkour-peddling trade, frenetic slaughterbot-happy shooter Titanfall is readying its PS4 debut. And in an age in which shooters seem to be stepping away from campaigns, it’s refreshing to see this sequel heading in the opposite direction, with the former Infinity Ward crew looking set to focus on story.

The briefest of reveal footage unleashed so far shows a crashed pod wth the name of a certain James MacAllan emblazoned across the front. It’s a handle those familiar with the first Titanfall will know well – MacAllan’s a divisive but popular character who led a mutiny on moral grounds.

A former executive officer of the colonising IMC faction, he’s believed to have perished in an explosion at the end of the original, making his possible appearance an intriguing affair.

Did he really die? Can we expect a prequel story following his road to sedition? Prepare to find out later this year when the game launches alongside fellow EA-bedmate Battlefield 1. How romantic.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Ghost Recon Wildlands preview

Having mastered the open-world template, this military third-person shooter is the next to receive the Ubisoft treatment.

Set in present day Bolivia, you play as a special operations soldier sent to disrupt the country’s drug trade, manipulating it from the inside and conducting special ops to take out targets.

In a recent earnings call, Ubisoft remained confident it will launch before April 2017. Should give us enough time to get through Breaking Bad again, for “research” purposes, of course.

Postal Redux

Postal Redux preview

This controversial twin-stick shooter makes its console debut in Q4, with an HD remaster of 1997’s PC favourite.

Including fresh levels and a new challenge mode, which fittingly rewards aggressive play by increasing a multiplier based on your kill-streak, you need to mix up strategies to maximise scores.

Continuing the contentious play-style that everyone loves/hates it for, the third-person isometric shooter lacks the hype of some games on this list – but is sure to be bloody, if not brilliant.


These articles were published in Official PlayStation Magazine UK (Issue: 124, July 2016).



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