Sniper Elite 4 – Feeling the heat

Sniper Elite 4 preview

Like slinky hero Karl Fairborn, Rebellion is going solo in publishing this latest entry in its staple series.

Using its new-found freedom to build the title exclusively for current-gen hardware, there’s a level of polish here that previous entries simply couldn’t muster.

Introducing a series of new features – from additional traversal options to drastically improved AI – this is much more complex challenge. When you kill is now just as important as how you do the deed, with Nazi hierarchies determining morale.

Italy’s coastal towns will house hundreds of Nazi nasties. Better take more than a handful of bullets.

Take out an officer and his underlings mentally deteriorate. Get lucky and he may even drop a map detailing his subordinates’ locations. Handy for spreading disarray through your Nazi foes.

You need every last scrap you can get from them as well, considering areas are at least three times bigger than before. Fortunately, it’s quite the gorgeous game and running at a buttery smooth 60fps, so you won’t mind wincing extra hard at the glorious gratuitous nutshots.

Oh yes, they’re back. Only now, Sniper Elite 4 doesn’t need to rely on them quite so much.

This article was published in Official PlayStation Magazine (Issue 124, July 2016). 


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