Square Enix to Release Final Fantasy XIV Inspired Live-Action Series

A fantasy based on reality.

Square Enix and Japanese broadcast network TBS are releasing a live-action drama series based around Final Fantasy XIV. The series is apparently based on a real-life story of a father and son who have difficulties communicating with each other. When the father receives a PS4 for his 60th birthday, he decides to start playing the game without telling his son – anonymously joining him on quests and forming a bond that then extends beyond the fictional world on which their relationship is built.

The title of the show is loosely translated from Japanese as ‘The Father of Light’, and it’s all part of Square’s plans to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Final Fantasy series. The show will air in Japan in April, and there are rumours of further celebratory releases in the coming year to mark the series’ pearl anniversary, although we have our doubts about the legitimacy of some.

Does ‘The Father of Light’ sound like something you might want to invest in? Leave us your English subtitles in the comments section below.

[via cinematoday.jp, novacrystallis.com]

This article was published on Push Square (Jan 27, 2017).


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