Here They Lie Now Playable Without VR

Here They Lie

Also enhanced with PS4 Pro support.

Back in October, Here They Lie – a psychological horror game set in a town with an animal-headed populace who want nothing more than to see you bleed to death – was one part of a pretty expansive launch for PlayStation VR. The game was developed by Tomb Raider series designer Toby Gard alongside Spec Ops: The Line co-director Cory Davis. The game received some pretty favourable reviews, but sales haven’t been kind to it as stock for Sony’s headset continues to elude the general public.

Well, as of the latest free update, Here They Lie no longer requires PlayStation VR to play. Not only that, but the team has enhanced the game with PS4 Pro support allowing those with the updated hardware and swanky new 4K TVs to play the game at a native 2160p resolution with HDR and at 60fps. And if that wasn’t enough, those with Sony’s supercharged console can also enjoy improved shadows, post-processing effects, dynamic flashlight shadows, and ambient occlusion.

They haven’t forgotten about their VR-adorning fans, though, since the team has also worked on ironing out some of the issues that plagued the initial release. In addition to all of the above, the game now includes improved head-mapping and reworked textures to help out those susceptible to motion sickness – a major early concern for developer Tangentlemen.

So, is this enough to get you to pick up the game or return to the nightmare? Don your animal head and tear us a new one in the comments section below.


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