Jacob Hull

Based in Edinburgh, UK.

Willing to relocate for the right position. Available for freelance work.

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The University of Edinburgh

2013-2017 | Master of Arts (Hons) English Literature

– Recipient of the Edinburgh Award for services to media.
– Digital Editor of the award-winning Retrospect Journal.
– Publicity Officer and Vice-President of the Literature Society.
– Science and Technology Writer for The Student newspaper.
– Served as a peer mentor, helping students with difficulties at university.
– Backpacked through Nepal for six weeks in 2015.
– Volunteered as an English, science, and mathematics teacher in the Himalayas, 2015.
– Volunteered as a fundraiser at the Pema Ts’al buddhist monastery in Pokhara, Nepal.

The Open University

2010-2011 | Certificate of Higher Education in Humanities with Distinction


Gamer Network – Push Square

Staff Writer | | Feb 2016 – present

I primarily write features, opinion pieces, and in-depth game reviews for new PlayStation releases – working to deadlines and abiding by strict publisher embargoes. I also write news articles and cover industry events such as E3 by writing and editing as things happen. This requires concision and the ability to work quickly and accurately. I also answer community questions and engage in detailed Q&A sessions with readers.

Freelance Writer and Editor

Oct 2015 – present

I write and pitch articles to various different outlets, predominantly in the technology and video games sector. You can see some of my work throughout this site, and some of my work can be seen in Official PlayStation Magazine UK, Push Square, Bit Cultures, Retrospect Journal, The Student, and more.

Future Publishing – Official PlayStation Magazine UK

Editorial Intern | | May 2016

Working as part of an office editorial team, I researched and wrote four small columns, the preview round-up section, and an additional seven preview articles. I also took part in editing, transcribing, and copywriting. During this experience, I learnt about how to work in the context of a team in an office environment, and how to approach writing for a magazine with strict word counts as well as a distinct tone and style, and for which I adjusted my writing accordingly. This furthers that which I have learnt about writing and editing for online outlets where work must be written to maximise SEO potential.

Retrospect Journal

Digital Editor May 2016 – May 2017

My role is to edit and manage the site, uploading issues, copyediting articles, web design, and social media marketing. Along with a team of four, I am currently developing a new website for Retrospect Journal to better suit modern internet use and to match the style and tone of the magazine moving forward.

Bit Cultures 

Editor | Nov 2015 – Aug 2016

Writing and editing game reviews and editorial feature pieces on a weekly basis. Maintaining house style and tone and providing feedback to writers to enhance their writing ability. Use of WordPress web design, and working as part of a long-distance editorial team via Skype and instant messaging services to strict deadlines, and making sure articles are written to maximise SEO potential.

The Student Newspaper

Science & Technology Writer Sept 2015 – April 2017

I write features and reviews for video games and technology releases for The Student – the UK’s oldest student newspaper. These articles are short-form and require concise editing to abide by a strict word count for both online and print publication.

Chris Hull, Watercolour Artist

Website Producer and Community Manager | May 2012 – present

I designed and developed the website for the business using Weebly, and regularly manage the site and deal with incoming correspondence, website updates, editing, and inventory management. I also run the community pages for the site and respond to correspondence made through social media and email. I also help to arrange all advertising and marketing opportunities that come along. I am also responsible for ensuring that communication is upheld between the customer and the company.


Sales Assistant and KPI Target Manager | Sept 2009 – Mar 2012

Working at both GAME and Gamestation stores over the course of my time with the company my duties included serving customers and tailoring sales to individual customers. I was also KPI Target Manager where I kept detailed charts of each member of staff to ensure store growth targets were achieved. A large part of my role was to make sure that staff were effectively hitting their objectives and driving performance onward through sales techniques – often providing one-on-one tuition, and filling out reports on staff which were handed on to senior management. I was also in charge of inventory management requiring comprehensive databases and deep-rooted organisational skills. Working as part of a team was vital at the company to fulfil the given tasks, and knowledge and ongoing study of video games were an ongoing requirement to keep up to date on sold products.

Powerplay Direct Ltd.

Sales Assistant and Video Games Section Manager | May 2010 – Aug 2010

This was a position I did alongside my work at GAME. I was hired to introduce, design, and manage a new section of the store dedicated to video games. Alongside serving customers, it was my role to introduce prospective customers to our new section through social media, tailored special offers, and advertisements. I succeeded in my role, and the video games section thrived following the end of my contract.

Volunteer Work

Heaven Hill Academy, Nepal

Teaching Assistant | Jul 2015 – Aug 2015

I volunteered as a teaching assistant in a small academy in Northern Nepal in the Himalayas. I spent two weeks teaching and leading classes in English Language, Mathematics, and Science, as well as sitting in and helping out teachers with Nepalese and Tibetan language classes. While teaching at the school, I was staying with a local family, living like one of the locals, and learning their ways, as well as taking part in Buddhist philosophy classes. Volunteering at the Academy, I learned to communicate in less obvious ways than through language, helping those who are not able to get the kind of education that might be accessible elsewhere. Teaching classes to children who did not speak English as their first language was a challenge, but it taught me to communicate and help in new and creative ways, as well as to open my eyes to the ease and way of life that we take for granted in the West.

Pema Ts’al Monastic Institute, Nepal

Fund Raiser and Web Designer | | Aug 2015

Travelling to Nepal just weeks after the earthquake, one of the primary reasons for volunteering at the monastery was to raise funds for the relief effort. One of the main ways we did this was through building a brand new website that could accept donations from around the world, thereby missing out governmental interference – where funds would often never reach those who needed them most – and allowing the money to go directly to those affected by the earthquake. This also allowed the Tibetan refugees in Nepal to get access to healthcare since they were not entitled to the same governmental support as the Nepalese people. While at the monastery, I also helped to build and design a website for the annual Tibetan Buddhist prayer festival, where money could be gathered to support the event which takes place in Lumbini, Nepal – the birthplace of the Buddha. I succeeded in these causes.

Cinnamon Press

Cover Designer Aug 2012 – Oct 2012

I did some voluntary book cover design work for Cinnamon Press in North Wales. I designed the cover for Mavis Gulliver’s novel, Cry at Midnight, with original artwork from Chris Hull; and I also co-designed the cover for Will Kemp’s poetry collection, Lowlands. Both books are available from Amazon UK.